Additional Resources

A collection of research papers relating to Aegean history and archeology, from the University of Liege. These articles are in Adobe PDF format... some are not in English.

Funeral Customs in the Aegean Bronze Age

Aegean Seals, Sealings and Administration

Seafaring in the Aegean Bronze Age

Society and State in the Aegean Bronze Age

The Aegean and the Orient in the Second Millennium

Deities and Religion in the Aegean Bronze Age

A wonderful collection of works by famous ancient authors.

The Internet Classics Archive

A site featuring scans of various old, obscure, and out-of-print books... many relating to history, philosophy and spirituality.

Sacred texts

A series of articles by Max Dashu, in defense of the primordial Great Goddess theory... be sure to click the link at the bottom of the page, to proceed to the next section (total 6 sections).

Knocking Down Straw Dolls

Finally, here are a few Wikipedia articles about some interesting archeological sites from the Neolithic Near-East.


Tell Halaf

Nevali Cori

Gobekli Tepe