Additional Resources

An excellent article by William Carl Eichman, on life and religious practices in the Neolithic city of Catal Hoyuk. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of the first page, to proceed... (there are a total of 3 webpages in this article).

Catal Hoyuk

A very detailed essay by Max Dashu, on the academic controversy surrounding Goddess religion, and the role of women in ancient societies. This document is in PDF format.

Knocking Down Straw Dolls

A wonderful collection of works by famous ancient authors.

The Internet Classics Archive

A site featuring scans of various old, obscure, and out-of-print books... many relating to history, philosophy and spirituality.

Sacred texts

Finally, here are a few Wiki articles about some interesting archeological sites from the Neolithic Near-East, which were not previously mentioned on my website...


Tell Halaf

Nevali Cori

Gobekli Tepe